A Paddle

I didn’t end up actually stripping my kayak yet. In fact, the forms are back on the floor in the living room for now. Instead, I bought a canoe and have been making paddles for it. Here’s what I got into last weekend.

Sanding the FaceI rough cut the paddles in the evenings last week and planed them down to a rough shape. Then on Saturday, I took them back to the hanger and did some more planing and sanding to get them closer. Over all, I’m pretty happy with the outcome, but the belt sander ripped it’s belt before I got both handles done.Where better to work?


Wooden Forms

Finally, after a couple months of tweaking and preping, I got the forms made. In the end, it was a rather painless ordeal. I went down to the local carpenter and had him make them up for me. Total cost, 200,000 rp or about $22.

I think it was worth it, especially if you look at the wood he used. It’s a very sturdy 1.5cm thick plywood. I bet if I treat them right, I could use these forms for more then one kayak. Assuming of course that I’m happy with the design.

Boats Indonesian Style

I’ve been on Karimunjawa Islands in the Java Sea the last few days. They have a few interesting boat types out here. Here are a few of what I saw. I find it interesting that in the wood kayaking world weight is a huge deal. I keep seeing on the Blue Heron Forums comments about boats over 40 pounds being heavy. I wonder what one of these little canoes would weigh?

Paddle Building

We were out for a walk the other day here in Karimunjawa and I spotted this fellow roughing out a paddle for his boat. It’s good to see the professional paddlers agree on how to make a wooden paddle.

Take a good look at the tool he is using, it looks to me like a run of the mill local machete. With that knowledge, I should feel courageous to carve on with my pocket knife!


I’m bored, so I’m trying something new out. At Blue Heron Kayaks, there is a forum thread that tells you how to convert your Kayak Foundry file onto a CAD program and then view your kayak in 3D. That sounds exciting, so I’m gonna try it.

I will be sure to post any cool results. If they are only boring or no results, I will probably not post much about it.